dowel insertion bore and insert, drill glue and insert dowels, insert dowels

Drill, Glue and Insert Dowels
Gannomat Index series machines give you a choice to
maximize productivity in dowel insertion

woodworking machinery insert dowels automatically - Logic 130
Dowel Insertion Machine
Insert dowels automatically - trend 130/330
Dowel Insertion Machine

Dowel insertion automatically Index Pro 130/330
CNC Machining Center and Insert Dowels

Index Logic 70/130 woodworking machinery
woodworking machinery Index Trend 130/330
Index Pro 130/330 machining center image
The Index Logic 70/130 dowel insertion machine is the best choice for shops where most of the production is casework. Working table width(machine size) include 700mm and 1300 mm. Center fences are available for both machines. The following chart illustrates the standard functions of the Logic as well as the options available. Insert dowels-Logic page and video The Index Trend 130/330 dowel inserter machine adds more optional sizes 130, 1800, 2300, 2800 and 3300mm. and more optional capabilties. Dowel insertion -Index Trend page and video The Index Pro is a fully functioning CNC machining center. All tools are individually programmable. There are five working lengths 130, 1800, 2300, 2800 and 3300mm available for this machine along with many more options.  All axes for the machine are computer controlled. Insert dowels-Index Pro page and video
Also see the Index PSU pocket screw routing option for the Trend and Pro  

The standard features: horizontal drill, glue and insert dowels.

The standard features: horizontal drill, glue and insert dowels. The standard features: 3 horizontal programmable spindles, glue, insert dowels and 3 vertical programable spindles.
 shows end boring panel graphicglue injectiondowel being inserted shows drawing of boring process graphicgraphicdowel insertion graphicgraphicgraphicgraphic
Options Options Options: Up to 5 spindles in vertical and 5 in horz-plus options below
graphic of face drilling with vertical clamping shows top boring a panel graphic graphicgraphicgraphic graphicgraphicgraphicgraphic
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graphic of z-axis unit graphic graphic
The samples below show just how many milling and dowel insertion capabilities functions and options are available depending on which Index machine you choose for cabinet manufacturing
bore and doweled workpieces

bore glue dowel insert, Glue and dowel inserter, dowel inserter