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Lamellar Case Clamps

Computer controlled machinery from saws and edgebanders to boring and insertion equipment for dowels and hardware have all become faster. The one area of production which lags behind in many shops is a quick way to assemble product.

The scissors or lamellar case clamp solves one of the big problems with case clamp assembly, it eliminates setup time. If you have ever struggled or are struggling with an old clamp you know how time consumming cabinet assembly can be. Before clamping each different cabinet size several adjustments have to be made. This means loosening and tightening each individual clamping pressure point. The Concept series case clamps require no more setup then putting the workpiece into the clamp and pushing a button. Clamp a single workpiece or several. .

Gannomat has designed three case clamps to meet your dowel assembly production requirements..... see the different Concept clamps below.


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.case clamps slide show
easy clamping multiple cabs
Easy easily clamps multiple work pieces
eco clamp assembly
Several ECO 70's clamp being assembled at factory
primus with loading table
    Concept Primus 70 with optional loading table

The Concept Easy 70 case clamp is an excellent clamp for companies producing modular cabinets. The Easy 70is a single platen clamp with a small footprint for shops with limited space as well as larger shops which may want to deploy several of these clamps for added production.
video for easy

The Concept Eco 70 case clamp has two interlocking pressure beams and a maximum clamp pressure of 2000kg which is more than enough to clamp multiple cases in the same cycle. The standard ECO 70 is a one speed clamp and the ECO 70 Plus adds a clamping optical sensor for faster beam movement.
demo link

The Concept Primus 70/90  case clamp is designed for architectural casegoods and other doweled work pieces. This clamp has a maximum pressure of 3500kg and will clamp multiple work pieces with multiple partitions and fixed shelves. The Primus has two options for clamp depth, 700mm and 900mm
see primus video link


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