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Three case clamps for fast cabinet assembly

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Eco Case clamp
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Primus case clamps

Concept Case clamp with loading table.... see case clamp loading table detailseco clamp w loadinf atble

Lamellar Case Clamps

Computer controlled machinery from saws and edgebanders to boring and insertion equipment for dowels and hardware have all become faster. The one area of production which lags behind in most shops is a quick way to assemble product.

The scissors or lamellor case clamp. solves one of the big problems with case clamp assembly and that is, it eliminates setup time. If you have ever struggled or are struggling with an old case clamps or bar clamps you know how time consumming they can be. Many times before clamping several adjustments have to be made, which may take up more time than clamping up the work piece.

The Concept Easy case clamp

This solid platen case clamp with a small footprint is designed for small and large shops. The clamp has side clamping pressure which is applied across the entire vertical beam for clamping of case goods, drawers, etc........see video

The Concept ECO lamellar case clamp

was developed for companies that require a fast, easy-to-setup clamp for casegoods and drawer production. The clamp has plenty of beam pressure to clamp multiple boxes for even faster production. .........see video

The Concept Primus

is Gannomat's top of the line case clamp with 7500 pound maximum beam pressure. The clamp is available in two working depths, 700mm and 900mm. A PLC manages several important functions including beam pressure, program selection clamping time and diagnostics. This is an excellent clamp for casework as well as architectural work.....see video

The three case clamps Easy, ECO and Primus can all be equiped with the assembly loading table.

Case Clamp loading table video

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Gannomat case clamps for cabinet assembly