The Vantage 152 NC is a programmable dual 76 spindle (152 total) drill for fast production of system line holes.

Once initiated the Vantage will automatically drill up to four lines of holes. A program is chosen by entering the program code at the keypad or by barcode.

The drilling motion is completely controlled hydraulically for a constant feed speed and chip free boring on most coated panels. Together with the concept of boring from below this design is cleaner, safer and prolongs tooling life.

The Vantage now comes as a single line machine, the Vantage 76-1 NC, with automated programming for 4 lines of holes.


  • Two lines, 76 spindles each, 152 spindles total.
  • Each head moves independantly by NC control with 99 program capacity. Drill head travel speed in y-axis is 10 inches per second.
  • Programmable for up to four lines of holes.
  • Hydraulic control for even drilling cycle and bore thru of the work piece with no chip out, cutting production time by 65% for partitions.
  • Back boring unit travels from 20 - 220mm and front drill head travels from 200 - 580mm.
  • End stops are adjustable to 150mm.
  • Fast cycle time of 6 seconds for two lines and 14 seconds for three or four lines of holes.




The menu based programming, barcode capabilities and the touch screen make setting up for different workpieces easy. The computer holds 99 programs. The screen shows a three line program is loaded.
One of the big advantages of the Vantage is it's drill thru capabilities. The carriage drilling motion is controlled by air and hydraulic dampening which along with the use of solid carbide v-point tooling produces a chip free hole on both the bottom and top of the workpiece.
The drill beam and clamp carriage travels on linear guideways by ball screw drive as seen here at left side of the carriage.
A torsion bar and pneudraulic drive along with a closed rigid frame make chip free thru boring possible.