Woodworking Machinery, Dowel Insertion, Case clamps

Do you have production bottlenecks?  Bottlenecks stymie downstream production costing time and money, not just at the bottle neck but at every station farther along the way. A machine that may cost X number of dollars per month may seem like a lot but can save many times that cost in worker hours. Take two companies, same number of production workers but one of the companies produces 30% more in similar goods. Chances are they have made an investment in machinery and it's paying them back everyday. At Tritec and Gannomat our job is to help you eliminate those bottleneck. Not just selling you any machine we may have in stock but working with you to apply the right machine to improve your production.

IWF Atlanta is a chance for us to see our customers and to meet new prospects interested in improving production.  We hope you will stop by the Tritec/Gannomat booth. We will have all machines up and running for demonstrations. Bring us your production ideas and we will work to make them a reality as we have been doing for the last 32 years

headinfg showing images of Gannomat Machines
Two Indexes in stock - one standard and one standard with top drill controlled by
z-axis through the computer
The Express S2 and S2 RTA drills and inserts hinges, hinge plates, cams and other hardware- cycle time is 5 to 7 seconds ......more
The DB-27 has a 27 spindle drillhead with a drilling width of 32-3/4" and a total width of 36"....more

The Easy is a single platen case clamp designed for shops doing modular casework. Clamping pressure allows for multiple cases to be clamped at one time.....more
Drill, glue and insert dowels and rout for pocket screws and drill pilot holes.....video
image of the Index Pro dowel inserting machine

The Index Pro- a multi-task production machine.....more

image of the Selekta 253

new Gannomat Selekta The machine was demonstrated showing the new features including a lighter, more ergonomic pistol, automatic dowel clearing for oversize dowels and a new rinsing system. The machine can be ordered with an optional injection pistol for applying glue in holes, grooves and on surfaces..........................more

AMCO best quality dowels for dowel insertion machines ...more

Specially formulated glue for glue injecters and manual gluing ....more

OEM tooling is available for all machines...more

For more information on Dowels, glue and tooling - 703-904-7890