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Pocket Hole Routing and Dowel Insertion

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The Index PSU is a customization of the the Trend platform. The Trend is Gannomat's second generation CNC drilling, gluing and dowel insertion machine. The Trend offers CNC flexibility for doweling casegoods, drawers and frames in solid wood and composite materials. In addition to dowel insertion we have added a pocket screw unit (PSU router). This is the perfect option for companies where production lags in the assembly of components utilizing pocket screws as the connector. sample of routpocket-screw-unit-cutaway



If you are using pocket screws for the assembly of cabinets, frames, drawers and other components the Index PSU will have the following advantages for your production.

  1. Precise CNC milling for dowel placement and pocket hole.
  2. Dowels provide extra strength and registration .
  3. Because parts are aligned and held in place assembly is easier and much faster.
  4. Use glue when doweling for assemblies requiring lateral and shear strength and dowels with no glue for parts where added shear strength is the only concern.

    Note: The pocket routing option is available on both the Index Pro and Index Trend

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The video below shows the boring, gluing and insertion features for the Trend platform and also an overview of the machine components. The machine demonstrated in this video no longer comes with cd or floppy drives but instead usb flash drive can be used to download programs.

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Routing unit with dowel insertion and additional drilling unit

For more information and to receive a brochure on the Index PSU call us at
703-904-7890 or email us at   sales@tritec.com