Index Pro- a CNC controlled-point to-point drilling, gluing and dowel insertion machine

The Pro has the added advantage of incorporating horizontal and vertical drilling units with three to five boring spindles each. Each spindle, both horizontally and vertically, is individually programmable for complete flexability for your production.

The Pro is and excellent machine for dowel insertion, machining for RTA fittings, drawer parts, frames, confirmats and all production requiring multiple boring patterns and hole sizes. An additional inserter can also be added for different dowel sizes.

The Index Pro tooling platform is positioned in the x, y and z axis by computer control. Each individual spindle is inde-pendently controlled.

The Pro is built to meet your specific requirements. It is used in manufacturing parts with KD fittings, exterior and interior doors and other millwork. The design platform is flexible enough to accomodate almost any drilling and inserting production.

Mini- fix RTA

End boring for confirmats

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computer screenProgramming by menu-based software; boring patterns variably programmable by Absolute-Relative-Pitch; automatic mirror image programming, work piece
optimization; 4 working zones can be operated with different programs; graphical workpiece image; parametric programming; programmable job list. Clear text on-screen identification of program errors.
The computer system utilizes the Windows XP operating system and Gannomat's dynamic, menu based production software. Networking and barcoding are included in the software package.

glue injection

The machine has a GIC laser unit for glue induction control guaranteeing the proper gluing of each dowel hole.

Standard Equipment

Options: Also includes 5 spindles horz. and 5 spindles vert.
Multiple glue injectors and inserters