photo of injecta

Injecta - for electronically measured glue injection- insures accurate glue injection. Use #275 MAN glue....see more

photo of leimfix pressure glue applicator
Liemfix - pressure glue applicator eliminates messy glue bottles with controlled application of glue. Use #275 manual glue.....see more

The Selekta 253
Selekta 253

#275 - (R-101M) Injection glue for inserters including Injecta
Our glue is specially formulated for use in glue injectors. The formulation has high viscosity, high solids and a fast drying time. Many of the customers have previously tried glues from other manufacturers who don't specialize in dowel injection glue only to develop problems with their glue injectors. Problems include glue solids settling in supply lines and canisters and having to rinse glue system more than is normally required.

The importance of high quality injection glue-

Have you ever found that your car or truck doesn't run to well on some grades of gasoline?. Well, most low quality glues don't work well for glue injecters. What's more important, saving a couple of dollars on glue or having your machine run like clockwork?

Several years ago we worked with chemists expert in glue formulation and they came up with a high solids glue that eliminates all of the problems previously associated with glue injection.

#275 - A specially formulated viscosity with high solids and fast drying time for use in glue injection and doweling machines. Qty 5 gal.

#275 MAN Formulated for use as a fast drying assembly glue to be used in manual glue injection applications. -not for use in dowel inserters- Qty. 5 gal.

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# 275 MAN -(R-145) Manual glue for assembly area also use with the Leimfix Glue applicator



bag of dowels
Like glue, good quality dowels are also important to machine operation. Our dowels are consistently sized in both length and diameter. Oversized dowels, especially in length, are the main culprit in causing machines to misfeed, Amco dowels are made specifically for dowel machines.
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