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Compact Case Clamps for Cabinet Assembly

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Gannomat Case clamps are the best choice for modular cabinet assembly . Unlike pod clamps, four sided pressure is not required to square and clamp cases with a platen type clamp. The platen will not lift the cabinet as pressure is applied as is sometimes the case with a pod clamp. 

control panelSimple operation by push buttons. 2 movements (closing/opening) of the pressure beam can be selected by the control unit. Adjustable clamping cycle time 0-30 min. (changeable to seconds and hours)with automatic opening. Selector switch for variable pressing force 1000/1500/1800 daN (kg) (Optional).


assembled cases

This solid platen case clamp is specially designed to save time and labor in all production situations. Whether it's your only clamp or a second clamp the Easy 70 will give you faster cabinet assembly production.

Important Technical Advantages

• Minimal floor space required, Length (79”),
Width (35”), Height 83” or 114”.
•Excellent value for an electronically controlled solid platen
case clamp.
• Continuous working surfaces (fixed sidewall and side pressure
beam), eliminates set up time for carcasses with fixed shelves,
stretcher rails etc. and small carcasses like e.g. drawer-boxes.
• Simple operation by push buttons.
• Electronically controlled automatic opening.
• Selector-switch for variable pressing force 1000 / 1500 / 1800 daN (kg) (Optional).
• Pressing force is exerted along the horizontal axis of the dowel
joint by the side pressure beam. Most carcasses only require this
single-directional clamping.
• The 90° angle at the carcass is ensured through the sturdy
durable steel frame.
• Several carasses can be pressed in one operation.
• Wide spaced precision ball-bearing guides ensure the stability
of the pressing beam.
• The standard working dimensions encompass most standard
carcasses sizes. Larger carcasses are normally produced modularly or dismantled with RTA fittings for easier shipping and handling.


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